Privacy Policy

1. Data Gathering and Use

Personal information obtained shall be used only to process orders and complaints, if any. Only the following personal information are required for an order:
     Last name
     First name
     Date of birth
     Telephone number
Any personal information is confidential and shall be used strictly for:
- An e-­mail confirmation of your order;
- The receipt of payment by credit card;
- The after-­sale service, outlined below.

2. Consumer's Consent

No information shall be taken without your prior consent. Please note that by ordering or by lodging a complaint, your consent is implicit. You can always withdraw your consent for any future solicitation by contacting customer service at the following coordinates.
5810, Rue Jean Talon Est ­- Saint-Léonard ­- Québec H1S 1M2 Canada
Phone:(514) 397­0879 
Toll free: ​1 (855) 397­0879 
Fax: 514-419-9931

3. Information Transmitted To a Third Part

Your personal information shall not be transmitted to a third party.

4. Information Storage

Your data is kept on printed paper and stored in a data bank. Only the responsible for complaints has access to your personal information, kept only for the time required to process your order and/or your complaint.
The site Voyages Sindbad Inc. links to internet sites not accredited by the SAC (Consumer Aid Services). When clicking on these links, you leave the site Voyages
Sindbad Inc. does not exert any control over these Internet sites and the fact that they reached through does not apply in any way the responsibility of Voyages Sindbad Inc. All personal information which you transmit by the means of these sites will be subject to the policy of these sites.

5. Consent of the consumer

The personal information that we collect on you is with your consent. When you place an order you automatically give us your consent.

6. Preservation of the information

We preserve the electronic files and the paper documents in a secure place where only the persons in charge of the service to the customers have access.

7. Destruction of the information

We destroy all personal information when it is not necessary anymore for us. The information contained on paper is shredded and the information contained on disks is erased. After the time specified above, your personal information shall be shredded or deleted.

8. Information Regarding Policies

If you wish to obtain further information regarding our policy on personal information protection, please contact customer service at the coordinates given above.

9. Access to Information

To access your own personal information or to modify them, contact customer service at the coordinates given above. This service is free of charge.

10. Complaints

To lodge a complaint concerning your personal information, please contact customer service at the coordinates given above. Your complaint shall be processed within 10 days following its reception. The complaint resolution process is free for all concerned.

11. Policy Changes

Should we have to modify our policy regarding the protection of personal information, we shall advise you and indicate the date the changes become effective at the bottom of every page of our policy. The changes shall also be made on our website. Obviously, the policies in effect at the time of the order shall be applied.